Health Screening

Age appropriate dread disease risk assessment and risk factor minimalisation.
Lifestyle modification advice.
Prostate and cardiovascular screening for men over the age of 40.

at 63 7th Avenue

What we offer:
Heart disease combined with prostate cancer are responsible for over 35% of deaths in males aged over 45.
Many men often show no symptoms.
Regular physical exams and health screening tests are a vital part of preventative health care. They can help ensure that common, serious diseases and conditions are detected early - and treated.
10 symptoms not to ignore.
Sudden unexplained weight loss or gain.
Unrelenting fever.
Shortness of breath.
Inexplicable changes in bowel habits
Excessive urine production.
Sudden increase in severity of headaches.
Short-term loss of vision.
Unexplained swellings.
Any breast change.
Excessive consumption of alcohol.
Over 38% of deaths in South Africa are due to lifestyle related disease, the incidence of cancer amonst women is 1 in 7 and in men 1 in 6.